Marisa Ratto


Université Paris-Dauphine, LEDa


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Published Articles



The indirect effects of auditing taxpayers (with Richard Thomas and David Ulph), Public Finance Review, Vol. 41(3), pp. 317-333, 2013.

Behavioral Responses to Taxpayer Audits: Evidence from Random Taxpayer Inquiries (with Norman Gemmell), National Tax Journal, Vol. 65, pp. 33-57, 2012.

Smarter task assignment or greater effort: what makes the difference in team performance (with Simon Burgess, Carol Propper, Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder and Emma Tominey), Economic Journal, Vol. 120, Issue 547, pp. 968-989, 2010

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performance of two simple incentive mechanisms in a public good experiment (with Juergen Bracht and Charles Figuières),  Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 92, pp. 54-90, February 2008.


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Using financial incentives to promote teamwork in health care (with Simon Burgess and Carol Propper), Journal of Health Services, Research & Policy, Vol. 7(2), pp.69-70, April 2002.



Working Papers




Work practices as implicit incentives to cooperate, CEE Working Paper 167, October 2013.

Team structure and the Effectiveness of Collective Performance Pay (with Emma Tominey and Thibaud Vergé), IZA Discussion Paper No. 6747July 2012.

Smarter task assignement or greater effort: what makes the difference in team performance (with Simon Burgess, Carol Propper, Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder and Emma Tominey), CMPO Working Paper 09/215, March 2009.


Task-specific effort costs and the trade-off between risk and efficiency, CMPO Working Paper 06/143, November 2006.


Tax compliance as a social norm and the deterrent effects of investigations (with Richard Thomas and David Ulph), CMPO Working Paper 06/143, July 2005.


Incentives in the Public Sector: Evidence from a Government Agency (with Simon Burgess, Carol Propper and Emma Tominey), CMPO Working Paper 04/103, March 2004.


Optimal Audit Policy and Heterogeneous Agents (with Thibaud Vergé), CMPO Working Paper 02/054, December 2002.


Team-Based Incentives in the NHS: an Economic Analysis (with Simon Burgess, Bronwyn Croxson, Ian Jewitt and Carol Propper), CMPO Working Paper 01/037, June 2001.